Making Time More Meaningful

So here I am. Living the post-grad life. It’s sort of a funny place to be. After doing the school routine from age 5 to 22, I have been muddling through “real life” for the last year or so.

It is certainly a learning experience. First full time job. First solo apartment. First IRA. First furry friend. I will not lie; there have been plenty of ups and just as many downs. And now I’m taking another small baby step into the real world. Making time more meaningful.

Quote: You only get out, what you put into it.

It’s easy to get caught up in your job. It’s the new routine; wake up, work for 8 plus hours, come home and zone out. When I get home from work it is so easy for me to just turn on the TV and watch reruns of the Kardashians without thinking twice about the time I am spending. I count going grocery shopping as being extremely productive. I rarely will wash dishes (confession: most of the time my boyfriend washes my dishes for me when he comes to visit on weekends. Eek). I completely turn my mind off to any tasks or productivity once I come home from work. I am just in neutral.

Well no more! At least, I hope. I don’t want to waste hours that way any more. I am slowly realizing it is important to be purposeful in my time off. Sometimes it is good to be purposefully unproductive. Sometimes you need to just turn your mind off and mindlessly watch the Real Housewives. But I should not be doing this just because it is routine or because I am lazy. I should be actively seeking out new experiences I cannot find at work. Eagerly expanding my horizons. Purposefully using my time to create and develop a better Kelsey.

So with all that said, welcome to my blog where I will be documenting my adventure in meaning.



2 thoughts on “Making Time More Meaningful

  1. I also found you from College Prepster. I completely agree with you. Some days, you just need a little break to relax. But I definitely love those days where I’m more productive—sometimes I just need an extra push! I love the quote you included–very inspiring!


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