New Chapters. New Beginnings.

Ah the life of a twenty-something. It is easy to feel lost and confused when things seem to be changing around you so rapidly. Just look at yourself and your peers and you can see the changes clearly. You go from being in college, to legally being able to enter bars, college graduation, first real job, first real apartment, second real job (and third and maybe even fourth), and finally moving in with significant others, marriage and even babies. Compare who you were at 20 to who you will be at 29 and you might not even think you’re looking at the same person.

But that’s what our twenties are all about. Growth. Change. New beginnings and new chapters. I’m going through some of these changes myself right now. Within the last month I quit my job, moved back in with my parents, found a new job in DC, moved into a house with 3 strangers and began my new full time position. Throw in a trip to the beach, a music festival, my younger brother’s graduation, and five (yes 5) trips to DC for interviews in between all those big changes and you’ve got one jam packed month.

Talk about overwhelming.

Everything was such a whirlwind and on one of my 2.5 hours drives down to DC I just cried the entire time. But now I’m here and I’m starting this new chapter. Even though it is overwhelming and pretty scary, it is also necessary. This is the time in our lives where we can make these kinds of decisions. We can pick and move to a new city. We can try a job field and then realize it’s not for us. We can travel for a year or volunteer in a developing country. We can make mistakes and take chances.

I’m on my own journey to figure out the kind of life I want to lead. This change is an adventure and I am looking forward to all the highs and lows that are in store for me.

Now’s the time. Do the thing that scares you. I’m telling you it will be worth it.


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