Give a Little.


I am constantly trying to better myself. I can look at my life and say I am genuinely happy. I love living in DC. I have a wonderful boyfriend and the best friends a girl could ask for. I am extremely close with my family. I have the cutest little cat in the world. But of course there are always little ways where I can make improvements.

In the past year I have tried to implement a system where every month or so I sit back and evaluate my life. What am I grateful for? What are my goals? What are areas of improvement? Up until about 2 months ago my major area of improvement and my major goal was to get out of my old job and find a new one in DC. Yippee! I can officially check those big things off my list.

Now that I have reached those 2 goals however I still need to keep evaluating. Where can I make improvements? What are my goals?

One thing I have identified recently is I want to be more selfless. I am a strong advocate that your 20s are the time in your life to be selfish in the big picture. You don’t have a husband, kids, a mortgage to worry about so do what’s best for you. Move across the country if you want. Pursue that dream job. Go back to school. Join the PeaceCorps. Be selfish in all those big areas because this is the time to discover who you are and what you really want.

But on the smaller scale you should always be trying to give back even if it’s just small acts of kindness. Open a door for someone. Give up your seat on the metro for the sweet old lady. Pay it forward by paying for someone else’s coffee or meal.

I am making a concerted effort to be more selfless with strangers and with my family and friends. I want to show my appreciation to the people around me whether that means sending my mom flowers out of the blue (on my 101 list!) or offering to visit a friend instead of them coming to see me. Maybe I’ll even let my boyfriend pick the next movie we watch instead of forcing him to sit through another romcom (that’s a big maybe Mr. Gregory!).

In what small ways can you be more selfless? Do you have a similar goal to give back? Let me know (:


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