Disclaimer: I am NOT by any means a spiritual person. I like facts, science, and reason. The intangible and the unexplainable are just not for me. Therefore when a dear friend of mine started dabbling in things that were nonscientific I was very incredulous. She has been researching and learning more about things such as reiki healing, the power of the Universe, and psychics and mediums. Me being the extremely straight forward and analytical person that I am internally thought these ideas and practices were ridiculous. How can hovering your hands over another person’s body heel them? How can a human talk to those who have died? How is the “Universe” aligning to create opportunities for me based on my thoughts and feelings? I could not get my head around any of it and I certainly could not find any scientifically backed research that would support any of these claims.

Lately though that dear friend of mine has been going through an extremely difficult time in her life and she continues to find solace in these types of practices. She went to see a psychic this past weekend and he was able to give her some clarity and peace of mind as well as make her physically feel better through a healing.

This has got me thinking. There are so many things in this universe that science just cannot explain (at least not yet). We still do not know the real purpose of a yawn, or why we have appendixes. Black holes continue to be more of a mystery than they are understood. And don’t get me started on dark matter or string theory. So why, with all of this unexplained phenomenon, am I so unwilling to even entertain the idea that there could be other forces at work in the universe that I cannot explain?

Now this is not to say I’m going to run out after work today and sign up for some reiki healing, but I think it does speak to my ability to be open-minded. I think most people agree being open-minded is a great quality to have. Being closed-minded could potentially be one of the most stinging criticisms out there. But how open-minded are we actually? When it comes to things such as religion, politics, sexual orientation, and even diet people have their beliefs and it is often times hard to get them to see your side of the topic. Certainly not everyone has to agree, but the ability to be open-minded and willing to see things from a different perspective is something we should all strive for.

With this realization, I am going to be more conscious of how I react to other people’s view points and opinions.  I want to open myself up to new experiences, information and feelings. I do not think I will be able to accomplish that if I am closing myself off to any possibilities – including the possibility someone might really be able to communicate with the dead.

Do you think you’re open-minded? How can you improve your overall ability to accept things you don’t understand or cannot explain?


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