Looking on the Sunny Side

Do you look at the glass half empty or half full? I would like to say I fall somewhere in the middle, often times being very realistic and saying the glass is just halfway filled. But I do find myself complaining more often than I would like. And I notice the same sometimes in my friends and family. Why is it so easy for us to extrapolate small bad incidents into the larger view of we had a bad day, week, or even year?

Say you wake up in the morning and you have a flat tire. That is a seriously bummer way to start your morning. And next thing you know you give yourself a paper cut, now every little thing that doesn’t go your way that day is adding to your idea that you are having a “bad day.” It is so easy for us to find even small reasons to justify why we are having one of those forsaken “bad days,” but it’s not as easy for us to look at the little good things that happen to us and make them add together into a “good day.”

Some people tout the importance of positive thoughts. They say having positive thoughts will shape the world around you and the Universe will align to give you what you want. Now I don’t quite buy into that idea, but I do think positive thoughts play a huge part in our lives. When you are looking at things from a positive frame of mind, you can more easily see opportunities you may not have in the past.

People like to be around positive people. People feed off of positive energy and are drained by negative thoughts, emotions, and comments. You may start to find when you look from a positive view point, more people are attracted to you and are more willing to work with you and give you opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Start small. Appreciate catching the metro just on time this morning. Feel good you completed a project at work to the best of your ability. Savor that extra packet of sugar you put in your coffee this morning.  Smile when that special someone sends you a sweet text. Allow those little things to add up into a “good day.” When you start to appreciate these little things it is easier to push aside the smaller nuisances of your day.

How will you find the good in your day? Tell me in the comments!


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