The Ebb and Flow of Friendships

I have to say I am one of the luckiest girls in the world because I have the absolute best friends in the world! Every single person on this Earth needs at least one really truly good friend that you feel you can be entirely yourself around. I have six. Six amazing, stunning, funny, loyal best friends whom I know I can turn to for anything.

Now beyond that group of six, I have even more friends. Some are great friends, some are good friends, and some are just friends. I wouldn’t tell my deepest darkest secrets to most of these people. I’m not calling them up to vent about my day or asking them for minute by minute texting advice, but they are still my friends and I enjoy hanging out with them.

I think we can all agree we have these different levels of friendship and you are closer to some people than you are to others. The part where it gets tricky is when one of those best friends suddenly starts to drift into just good friend territory, or worse, not friends at all.

I have had best friends in the past who I barely speak to now. For one reason or another, whether it was because we naturally grew apart or I purposefully chose to end the friendship since it wasn’t good for me. When friendships change it can be terribly painful. The person who you used to turn to for everything is no longer there in that capacity. You used to speak to them nearly every day and now it’s only once every few months. Things you used to do together are now being done apart.

It is important to remember though this is completely natural. People change. People grow. And sometimes friends grow apart. It doesn’t mean the friendship that you once had wasn’t real or true or valuable. It just means where you are in life right now isn’t conducive to the friendship you had in the past.

It is important to be open to changes in friendships. If you don’t allow yourself to see the ebb and flow you may be missing out on an opportunity to keep that person in your life in a different capacity.

Have you ever lost a friendship or experienced a change in a friendship? How did you handle it?


2 thoughts on “The Ebb and Flow of Friendships

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog Kelsey! I am reading yours now 🙂 I have lost a friendship last year and although it was kind of rocky and hard for me to accept it’s good to keep in mind that people do indeed change and grow which is not a bad thing. It’s important to cherish and appreciate those family and friends who are in your life in the present moment. Great post and blog !

    1. I completely agree! People come in and out of your life for a reason. As hard as it may seem, you need to appreciate all the people who are in your life right now and really cherish all the people who will continue to stay in your life for a long time.
      I’m so glad you like my blog (:

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