Rainy Day Loveliness

Yesterday was a completely rainy day. All. Day. Long. And I kind of loved it.


Call me crazy but sometimes I truly just love a nice rainy day. Where you can hear the drops patter on your window panes and roof. They’re like a lullaby lulling you into a calm and peaceful mindset. The low rumble of thunder in the distance. The quick flash of lightning lighting up the sky. It puts your surroundings in a whole new perspective.

Rainy days tend to put me in a mood that is somewhere between peaceful and melancholy.  I want to curl up under my favorite cozy blanket and sip on a cup of peppermint tea or hot chocolate. Turn on one of my go-to feel good movies (my top choices are Elizabethtown and Midnight in Paris). Or perhaps read a book or write in a journal. Cuddle with my kitty (or my boyfriend). Just soak up the feeling of a day that feels muted and slow compared to the rest.

Sometimes I want to be in this mood even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. So I have to turn to other sources for my rainy day enjoyment. A great place to start is RainyMood.com. It simulates the sounds of rain drops falling and really makes you think the skies have opened up outside. Also the Nature Sounds app for iPhones does a similar job. Nature Sounds has a lot of different sounds you can choose from including ocean waves and a camp fire. My favorite though is rain on a tarp. It is the perfect rainy sound to me and helps me fall asleep instantly when I can’t seem to turn my brain off after a long day.

Another way I get myself in the rainy mood is through my Spotify playlist called “Rainy.” It includes all the songs I want to listen to most on those gloomy days.

So tell me, do you love rainy days as much as I do? How do you enjoy them?


One thought on “Rainy Day Loveliness

  1. I love rainy days, they used to be my favourite kind in Canada. Because hey would bring me the same mood and come often enough to help me be introspective. But they also made me very sleepy lol. Unfortunately in England this is the norm and sometimes it’s not that good for my psyche. I prefer it when it doesn’t rain 3 months straight 😛 A good mix would be great 🙂

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