Think: How Can You Define Yourself?

Obviously by the name of this blog I am interested in the definition of who I am. I recently overheard my roommate talking about how she has always defined herself against external situations or relationships. A lot things she used to define herself in life her have recently fallen away and she has been left wondering, who am I?

I brought this idea up to a friend of mine and we started discussing if we were able to define ourselves. In very simplistic terms I can. I’m a female. 24 years old. Administrative assistant. Daughter. Girlfriend. New blogger.

But I don’t really feel like these terms truly define me. There is a bigger idea than just my job, age, or gender. Even bigger than what I do in my free time or who I am to other people.

How I define myself really can’t be put into words. At least not easily. I think the definition of a person, or least how I would like to define myself, is based on how I see life. How I deal with it. What I want from it. How I approach situations. My outlook.

For a long, long time I was unhappy with who I was. I felt lost and confused. Life seemed like this horrible, huge monster that I struggled daily to understand and deal with. If someone asked me 3 or 4 years ago, could I define myself, I certainly would have answered no.

But as my blog name would suggest, I feel like I am able to define myself to an extent now. No, I cannot put the definition of Kelsey into words. But I feel an inner sense of purpose. I feel comfortable with who I am. Life doesn’t seem like the scary monster anymore.

Do I want to make some changes? Of course. Life would be pretty boring if everything stayed stagnant. But the good thing about personal definitions is they can change.  I feel good about where I stand now, and I have ideas for my future. And knowing I can fully take on the challenges life has to present me, well that’s the best definition there is.


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