The Journey Towards Your Dreams

We all have dreams. They could be to start your own business. Move to Europe. Join the PeaceCorp. Buy a house. Get a new car. The list goes on and on.

And wouldn’t it be nice if we all had fairy godmothers like Cinderella who would come and grant us our wishes. Our godmothers would come down and grant us the means, the mind, and the funds to allow us to make our dreams come true.

But we don’t have fairy godmothers (sad but true). No matter how hard or long we think about our dreams they will never come true. Not without a lot of hard work.

There’s a quote from Dawson’s Creek (#guiltypleasure) that I love.

“Dreams come true, not free.”

Mull over that one for a second. Dreams really DO come true. They do not have to stay dreams forever. If you want something you CAN make it happen. But dreams do not come free. Dreams take sacrifice. They take blood, sweat, and tears. They take tons and tons of hard work. There will be days when the stress gets to be too much. There will be times when things seem impossible. There will be moments where you question why you are doing this in the first place and may just want to give up.

But don’t.

There is a reason this is your dream. There is a passion there. There is a deep-seated desire. There is the faith that you know this is what you want. That you know this is what’s good for you.

You need to push past those moments. Throw away those worries. Remind yourself why you are doing this. Give yourself fully to the journey. Because in the end your dreams are just half the glory. The other half is knowing you gave your all to get there.


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