So I Guess This is Growing Up

I was talking on gchat with my best friend from college this morning (at work, #guilty) and we realized the last time we had our group of 5 from college all together was back in February. I honestly was shocked at this realization since it didn’t seem like so much time had passed since our solid group of 5 had been reunited. Earlier this month, we had tentatively put on our schedules to reunite December 6th (and yes we had to plan 4 months in advance for this). And even with so much leeway in planning time, there is always the chance life will get in the way (one of my friends is planning to move to Paris for 6 months! Eee!)

Thinking about how it is so difficult to get us all together is a bit strange. We were together almost constantly in college. We all lived together in an apartment senior year, which honestly could have been a disaster, but was really the best living situation ever. To go from being with each other almost 24/7 to not getting us all in the same room for nearly year is just plain weird.

But not uncommon.

This is the sad, but real truth about growing up. You move away from your friends. You have your own jobs, your own responsibilities and your own lives. Getting 5 girls all in one place for just a few hours, let alone an entire weekend becomes a nearly impossible feat.

The mark of a true friendship however is being able to pick up right where you left off. When you can see each other for the first time in months and it feels like nothing has changed. You haven’t even missed a beat. When you’re in distress or upset you can still call them up out of the blue and they will be there for you no matter what. Even if you haven’t seen each other in what feels like ages.

These are the types of friendships to cherish. These are the people you will want in your life forever.

One of my personal goals as of late has been to show more appreciation to those important to me. Your friends and family are truly the most important things in your life. More important than jobs, blogs, projects, money, etc. Life certainly will get in the way, but it is so important to prioritize seeing those people you so often cannot see. Even if it’s just once a year. You have to decide what’s important to you. If making an effort to see these distant friends is important to you, then you will make it happen. It will be hard work, you may have to sacrifice things in other parts of your life, but isn’t anything worth doing worth some work?

So make time for your friends. But it’s okay to accept that things will be different than they were. Life goes on. People grow. It’s about adapting to those changes and making the necessary changes to still feel connected to the people in your life.


4 thoughts on “So I Guess This is Growing Up

  1. i just graduated from college and its seriously so sucky that not only did i move away from the majority of my college friends, but now all my home friends are leaving one by one and we don’t even know when we’ll reunite, so I can definitely feel your pain!

    1. It is seriously the worst. Life after college is really weird and takes a lot of getting used to. There are a lot of changes going on and it can be scary sometimes dealing with all of it. Just have to try to keep our heads up and stay positive!

  2. This is such a beautiful post, you are an incredible writer. I met my three best friends in the entire world on a study abroad semester in Ireland. While two of them live in the States and we can make plans to meet up every couple of months or so, one of them is all the way down in Australia, years of planning away! Growing up is hard to do, especially when you move away and become disconnected with the people that you love. I think it’s so important to always keep contact-send notes, packages, emails, texts, and Skype as much as possible! Thank you for this amazing post!!

    The What’s In Between

    1. Wow, thank you so much for that compliment! And I agree when you can’t see your friends as often as you would like, you have to stay in touch other ways. A care package is a great idea and something I haven’t done for a friend before. I’ll have to give that a whirl.

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