I Woke Up Like This

So I didn’t post yesterday. Eep! I’ve been very good about posting every weekday and keeping up a schedule and routine. But yesterday I just could not think of anything to write about. I was feeling very uninspired and didn’t want to write anything just to write.

Since I was feeling uninspired yesterday, I turned to something that normally perks me right up: music. On my commute home from work I listened to the best, most empowering and inspiring music I could think of.


Listening to Beyonce always puts me in a good mood. I listened to ***Flawless on repeat a few times and felt a surge of girl power and self-worth. Hell yeah I did wake up like this! Whenever I’m feeling lazy or unmotivated or helpless I like to remind myself of an important fact: I have as many hours in a day as Beyonce. If she can accomplish everything she has in her life, if she can be as amazing as she is, if she can be such an incredible role model and hard worker, then damnit so can I!

So everyone listen to a little Beyonce today and be as inspired and motivated as I am!


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