Eat: Bread Furst

What: Bread Furst Bakery
Where: Van Ness, DC
Why: relaxing Sunday morning breakfast with the boyfriend
Food: messy eggs with bacon on an English muffin

I am admittedly a romantic when it comes to food. I love the idea of little shops and cafes and interesting treats. I like sitting down somewhere quaint and people watching while I enjoy some food and drink. Eating out for me is an experience, whether it’s just grabbing a cup of coffee at a local cafe or sitting down for a 4 course meal at a swanky restaurant. So when my boyfriend suggested hitting up Starbucks for breakfast last Sunday morning I was a bit disappointed.

After a bit of nudging from my roommate, my boyfriend and I decided to just walk around the neighborhood a bit to see if we stumbled on something better than Starbucks and boy did we

Bread Furst is an amazing neighborhood bakery started by Mark Furstenberg, an award winning chef. The entire bakery has such a welcoming and warm vibe. The little outdoor space in front is adorned with beautiful foliage and bowls full of water sit out for pups. Inside there are shelves full of handmade products such as tomato bacon jam and dill pickles. 

My boyfriend and I both opted for the messy eggs for breakfast. These are slightly runny scrambled eggs with tarragon served on an English muffin (although Greg decided to get his on an everything bagel). We both added bacon to our messy eggs and I enjoyed a delicious cappuccino while Greg indulged in a red eye (coffee with a shot of espresso). The food was amazing and I absolutely must come back to try some of their pastries and other treats. 

The thing that sticks out about Bread Furst is they seem to truly want to be a part of the neighborhood and community of the area. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. And even though the bakery has only been open for about 3 months, you can tell it has already become a neighborhood favorite. Check out their blog to learn even more about the people and ideas behind Bread Furst!


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