Drink More Water

You’ve heard it again and again. Drink more water. 8 glasses a day. Over half of your body is made up of water. Everyone needs more of it and it’s essential to our survival and health.

I’ve heard all that too. Over and over again. I knew I didn’t drink a lot of water, but I also didn’t have the motivation to consciously do something about it. Until I made my 101 list. I added “Drink 8 glasses of water a day for one week” to my list and I was able to cross that item off earlier this week.

I can honestly say I feel so much better! Maybe it’s all a placebo effect but I feel like my hair is softer and my skin looks smoother and more even. My lips don’t feel as chapped (I’m using way less Burts Bees chapstick!). The headaches I would sometimes get in the middle of the afternoon have gone away. I’m just feeling good.

What isn’t a placebo is the fact that I’ve seriously cut down on juices and sodas. Ask anyone and they will tell you I am OBSESSED with flavored drinks. I would always choose them over plain old water. I have cut back so much after switching to water. And I know that saves me a lot on my sugar intake and unnecessary calories. Speaking of calories, I’m snacking less. Instead of grabbing popcorn or cookies or crackers in the mid-afternoon, I sip on water. I feel fuller longer and I’m curbing cravings.

Contigo Tranquil Water Bottle - 20 ozsource

I bought a nice, portable 20 oz. water bottle from Target. My goal was to drink at least 3.5 bottles equaling 70 oz of water a day. I brought my bottle with my everywhere. Drinking water at work was easy. I sipped on it every few minutes. I refilled every few hours. It was when I got home and on the weekends where I struggled. I tried drinking water for awhile before I was able to consistently drink 8 glasses a day for a week straight but I finally made it! And now I want to keep this a part of my routine because I’m feeling so good!

Do you drink water? How do you make sure you drink enough?


3 thoughts on “Drink More Water

  1. My best friend encouraged me to drink more and I have been doing much better (thanks to a pretty water bottle to motivate me šŸ™‚ Drinking water is also on my 101 list too! Even though it’s only been a couple days I am getting off to a great start so far…hoping to continue it!

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