Grabbing the Reins

I’ve heard time and again the power of positive thought. Think positive thoughts and good things will happen to you. Think negative thoughts and bad things will happen to you. Your thoughts attract similar energy so positive thoughts attract positive events, actions, rewards, opportunities, everything.

While this is a grand idea and I do truly believe in the power of positivity, positive thoughts aren’t what make things happen. You can sit on your couch day in and day out thinking positive thoughts until you pass out, but until you get up off that couch and start making things happen, those positive thoughts will leave you with just that: thoughts.

I will freely admit I don’t really buy into the whole Universe thing. The idea that there is this ultimate force guiding us through our lives and making things happen for us. It is much more appealing to me to think about the power of the individual. The idea that I have all the tools I need to shape the course of my life is empowering! I can do anything I want if I am willing to work for it! This is where my idea of positivity plays in. If I am negative, I often will give up when a small roadblock appears. I think “I can never do this. Look I’m already running into problems. I should just give up.” When I am in a positive frame of mind however I am able to push passed the roadblock. I think “This is a problem, but I can think of a solution. I may need to make a few sacrifices, but I will be able to rectify this situation.”

In this way and in my view, the Universe is not eliminating these roadblocks for me or giving me opportunity after opportunity. It is me, as an individual, shaping my path, making decisions that are good for me. With my positive frame of mind I can take on anything. It will take blood, sweat, and tears, but I’ll be working toward my dreams.

It is comforting to me knowing I have complete power over my life. Life happens. Problems will arise. I will experience loss and pain. I will be hurt. I will feel stressed and burnt out. But for me, there is no outside force that will shape the way I deal with those events. It’s me. I am in control. For a long time I felt helpless. I felt worthless and my life felt out of control. But now I truly feel like I can grab the reins and say “this is my life and I determine where it goes!”

That, my friends, is a really amazing feeling.


One thought on “Grabbing the Reins

  1. I love this. I do believe everything happens for a reason but I also believe that you are in control of your own thoughts and actions. It took me awhile to realize that too – I can choose to be upset and down about a broken friendship or pick myself back up and focus on the positivity in my life.

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