Happy Autumn!

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for all year: the first day of Fall! Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. Basically September to the end of December is my happy time. The air this time of year has its own particular scent. It is a combination of crushed leaves, burning wood, cinnamon and nutmeg, and something altogether unique to fall and pretty indescribable.

I may be the only one, but I love when the tips of my fingers are a bit chilly and I am forced to pull on my favorite pair of gloves. Or wrap my soft infinity scarf around my neck because of the autumn chill. I love the warmth my chai tea latte against my palms. Putting on my wool socks and riding boots is a favorite morning routine. Sipping hot apple cider while cuddled under a cozy blanket on a cool night is a little luxury. Attending a bonfire with friends and roasting marshmallows. Going apple and pumpkin picking with my boyfriend. Taking long evening strolls through the local park to see all the beautiful colors. Hearty autumn meals such as roasted butternut squash, pumpkin ravioli, and pear and cranberry salad.

I could seriously go on and on. Instead I’ll let the magic of these pictures do the rest of the talking for me.

source (my tumblr dedicated to autumn)


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