Finding My Aesthetic

Recently I have been reading on a few blogs about finding their “aesthetic.” I immediately associated aesthetic with fashion. Images of models, high fashion magazines, runways, and couture all flashed through my head when I read the word aesthetic. Aesthetic was a concept for only the fashion obsessed, people who worshipped Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld, people who loved fashion week. Basically people who were not me.

But for some reason the word aesthetic stuck in my mind. I thought about the concept more. I quickly realized aesthetic doesn’t need to be confined to just the fashion world. It’s about cultivating a life that is beautiful, pleasurable, pleasing and all around enjoyable to you. It’s figuring out what style you have, not just in clothing, but in home décor, in writing, in cooking, in routine, in life.

Because if you’re like me when your desk is cluttered, so is your head. When I have papers, folders, paperclips, pens and post-its strewn all over I feel off my game, confused, and just plain overwhelmed. Now apply that same concept to my life. When I am trying to pull myself in a million different directions, when I try to be the prep, the surfer, the intellect, the hippie, and so many other things, I feel extremely overwhelmed and unsure of myself.

The idea of an aesthetic, for that reason, is extremely pleasing to me. To feel as though I have some guidelines to work in when it comes to my personal style of anything. My aesthetic doesn’t need to fit perfectly in one category. Yes, I may be fascinated by surfing and enjoy learning about the sport, but that does not mean I need to fit the “surfer girl” mold to a tee. I can discover and enjoy the things and activities that make me happy, and it’s okay if there are other things that don’t fit into my Kelsey aesthetic.

Now just with my personal definition, my aesthetic is ever growing and changing. It can morph and is not rigid. As I experience things and age, my aesthetic will evolve. As of right now I have identified some words that I think fit pretty well with my personal aesthetic.

  • Simple
  • Romantic
  • Fresh
  • Lovely
  • Descriptive
  • Breezy

In my mind, my aesthetic looks like an Anthropologie store. I’m still working on all the kinks, but I like the start of this!

How would you describe your aesthetic?


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