Lately I’ve been thinking about my future home. Not necessarily a house, but just my home. About a month after I graduated college I found a job with an apartment company and moved into my own one bedroom apartment. It was not nice and that is putting it very kindly. But with the help of my family and boyfriend and especially my mom who acted as my own personal designer, I was able to make that apartment my home. The design felt like me (with a few minor tweaks here and there). It was not glamorous, but it was home and it was mine.

When I moved to DC in the middle of the summer, I moved into a house with a few roommates I found on Craigslist. The house is really nice, no horror stories about mold, mice, or bugs. But it doesn’t really feel like mine. My roommate has put her design touch on most of the common spaces and although it is lovely, it doesn’t really feel like me. I’ve tried to make my room feel like my own, but since the space is so small there is only so much I can do with it.

Which leads me to think of my next home. What it would look like? How I would design it? How I would feel inside of it? What activities I would do within my home?

I like to imagine my living room (or more likely living space as my next home will be an apartment) having a gallery wall of my favorite art prints. I imagine growing herbs in pots on my porch or terrace (dreaming big here). I imagine baking muffins in my kitchen while listening to my favorite music. I imagine my little kitty cat Ollie roaming our home as he pleases. I imagine cozying up under a warm blanket and drinking peppermint tea while reading a good book. I imagine using plates, cups and bowls from Anthropologie (my ultimate dream). I imagine walking into my home and just saying ahhhh because it feels like an extension of me.

One day I’ll get there. It will take some time and I will need to stay where I am for a bit, but I will get there one day. And for now I can always dream.

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