What I’m Watching

I am no longer much of a TV person. I used to put on the TV right after I came home from school and not turn it off except for family dinner and bedtime. At my last apartment I would turn on the TV just to have some background noise in the apartment. Typically I would settle on the Food Network, Cooking Channel, or HGTV. Now though I rarely watch TV. We don’t have a lot of channels in my new house and I don’t have a TV in my room. I spend more of my time out with friends, volunteering, visiting my boyfriend, or doing projects around the house.

When I am in the mood to watch something I typically go for series available on Netflix or a documentary. Below is my list of current favorites.


Orange Is the New Black. I started watching this with my boyfriend and we both loved it! The characters immediately had me hooked. And the concept is pretty unique and fresh. A women’s prison is not the typical subject of a series so it’s interesting to see the dynamics, even if they are fictional. Definitely excited for the 3rd season to come out, especially after the way the 2nd season ended (I audibly gasped).

Somm. This is a documentary available on Netflix about four guys who are taking the master Sommelier exam. A sommelier is a wine expert and the exam required to be at the master level is crazy intense. I loved to see the guys’ dedication to their craft and the preparation required for this exam. The hardest part of the test is identifying a number of wines just by taste. The descriptions these guys give for the wines are pretty out there. New tennis ball, plastic garden hose, and decaying leaves are all things they used to describe wines they’ve tasted! I definitely recommend this movie if you are looking for an interesting and engaging documentary.

Scandal. I’m pretty late on the Scandal train. I just started watching from the 1st season about a month ago on Netflix. I’m not quite done with the 2nd season yet (no spoilers please!) but I am hooked. Olivia Pope is amazing. Not just for her clothes (I covet every single coat she owns) but for her determination and intelligence. It’s also fun for me since the show is set in DC and I can recognize some of the settings!

Particle Fever. This is my nerdy side coming out. This documentary is about the discovery of the Higgs boson particle and the Large Hadron Collider. I find science and space extremely fascinating so this was right up my alley. The excitement these scientists get about discovering this particle and the ramifications it may have is contagious. I found myself anxious and nervous wondering if the multi-verse theory could be true and if everything in our universe is completely random! Watch this is you are looking to brush up on your science.

What have you been watching lately? Please leave your recommendations in the comments!


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