It’s the Little Things

I am so incredibly lucky. To use an overused social media term I am #blessed. Seriously though, I am. I have a warm, tight-knit, and loving family. I have some of the best friends I could ever ask for. I have a sweet and kind boyfriend. I have an adorable cat. I am living in an amazing city. I live in a nice house. I make enough money to pay the bills and enjoy myself a bit. Things aren’t perfect, but I can genuinely say I am happy.


There were certainly times in my life however where I was unable to say that. There was a period where I went through a deep and horrible depression. Where everything seemed bleak and meaningless. Where happiness seemed unattainable and not meant for me.

Even more recently, my last job caused me to be unhappy. My unhappiness with my company and with my position seeped into my personal life. I was constantly complaining, upset, annoyed, and all around in a sour mood. I, of course, knew I needed to change. I felt the imbalance in my life (even if at the time I didn’t truly understand the extent of how my job was affecting me). In fact, I started this blog just about a year ago as an outlet to try to rectify my constant unhappiness. But a blog wasn’t enough, and with time I made the move to DC.

Differences I see in myself, even just comparing this year to last, are astronomical. And when I compare myself now to the person I was when I was depressed, it honestly feels like two completely separate human beings. My happiness is through the roof! I could not be more grateful to myself and to everyone around me who allowed me to make this move and get on a better path for my life.

Again, my life isn’t perfect, but now I can really appreciate the little things that add to my happiness. Cuddling with my boyfriend while watching Netflix. Playing with my cat on the floor of my room. Colorful leaves on the trees. The scent of my favorite candle. Making myself a healthy dinner. Visiting with my family. Volunteering with animals in need. Watching my favorite movie. I pause in these moments and just sigh and feel the happiness flow over me. I smile to myself knowing how great I feel.

I am so lucky for these little things. These little things add to my happiness. They make up my happiness. They feed my soul and allow me to wake up every morning feeling ready to embrace the world.

I am joyful and I hope you all can take a moment to pause and sigh and enjoy the little moments you have today.


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