My Favorite Apps

I’ve had my iPhone for a little over a year now and I have to say I love it. I may even be addicted. It’s crazy to think in elementary school my family didn’t even have a computer and now I carry around a palm sized computer in my hand where ever I go.

Of course your iPhone is only as good as the apps you put on it and I have compiled a list of my favorite apps!


  1. – I’ve already posted about here but I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve been trying to budget myself pretty strictly and this helps me stay on track. I can see all my transaction from all my accounts at a glance. I can quickly spot any fraudulent transactions. It also alerts me when bills are coming due and when I’ve been hit with a service fee. All around an amazing app.
  2. Timehop – This app syncs with your social media accounts such as your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, etc. and displays your posts from this day from years past. It’s so fun and funny to me to see the things I was posting about 2, 3 or even 5 years ago. Funny pictures I forgot about have popped up on Timehop and I immediately share them with my friends. Or ridiculous status updates remind me of my more melodramatic moments. Get it if you are into nostalgia and laughing at yourself.
  3. Duolingo – Wanna learn a new language? Get Duolingo. It’s the best! I studied French for 3 years in high school and stopped in college due to some misunderstandings with my schedule. I ended up studying Spanish in college instead, but I always wished I stuck with French. With Duolingo I am able to brush up on my French skills in an easy and fun format. There are a ton of languages you can learn through Duolingo including Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, German, and many others!
  4. Waze – I just discovered this app not too long ago from a friend. It’s like Google Maps, but a step up. It alerts you to traffic jams, police cars, speed traps, and speed cameras. I’ve been caught by speed cameras twice since moving to DC so this app is a lifesaver (and I swear I don’t even drive that fast! They just position the cameras to catch people!)
  5. Nature Sound – When I was younger I was always fascinated by the sound soother machines I saw in the Sky Mall magazine. Well this is like that except an app on my phone! There are a lot of apps out there like Nature Sound, but I like Nature Sound since it’s free and has my favorite sound, Rain on a Tarp. I use this app whenever my house gets too loud at night and I can’t fall asleep. Rain on a Tarp literally drowns out any external noise and I am able to fall asleep peacefully.

What are your favorite apps? I am one of those people who is always looking for the latest and greatest app so I would love to hear your recommendations!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Apps

  1. I love instagram and waterlogue! I’ve driven down to Maryland plenty of times now to visit my boyfriend who lives there and have gotten a speeding ticket in a work zone and have learned my lesson! It seems like DC/Maryland is filled with those cameras!

    1. I’ve never heard of waterlogue before but I just looked it up and it seems awesome! I definitely have to download it soon so I can turn my favorite pictures into watercolors! Thanks for the suggestion (:

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