Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! I am already looking forward to getting off work and enjoying my THREE day weekend! Yes, three days off due to Columbus Day (I honestly didn’t think this was a holiday people celebrated anymore). At my last job our office was open 365 days a year so we never had three day weekends. Having a Saturday, Sunday, and Monday off is still a novelty to me!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’m looking forward to this weekend, not just for the extra day. I am going home to my parents house and then visiting my boyfriend. My parents are moving in a few short weeks and I need to shift through all my stuff that is still stored back at their house. It feels strange that they’re moving. They lived in that house for 14 years and now it’s being all packed up. Friends keep asking me if I’m sad. I can honestly say I’m not sad (yet) it just feels very strange. It will certainly be interesting trying to go through all of my old things! I’ll let you know if I come across anything special.

The rest of the weekend will be dedicated to fall! My boyfriend and I are planning to go apple and pumpkin picking on Sunday or Monday. I want to talk a nice walk outside and enjoy the cool autumn air. And I’m sure we’ll end up cooking something delicious as well.

How are you all planning to spend your weekend? I hope you enjoy it!


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