Let’s Pretend We’re Younger

I think I may be a pretty big weirdo because I still love little kids’ toys. At 24 years old I am much too old to play with any of them myself. I am also years away from having youngsters of my own that could play with them. I don’t even have any nieces or nephews to use as an excuse to be mesmerized by some of these play things. Nonetheless here I am still completely enthralled with a soft, plush bunny.

And I do want to qualify my adoration for children’s toys. I do not get a wistful glimmer in my eye when I see Angry Bird plastic toys or Monster High dolls. It’s only very special toys that get me. Toys that remind me of my own imagination as a child. Pieces that are well-crafted, classic, unique, whimsical and beautiful. My best friend growing up had an amazing dollhouse. Everything was perfect down to the little details such as a tiny cherry pie cooking in the vintage style oven. This same friend also had a fairy house that her aunt had built out of tree bark and moss. I lusted after that fairy house and my imagination spun out of control whenever I saw it.

It’s toys such as these that make me nostalgic for my childhood. A vintage style teddy bear. The perfect play kitchen with food that looks almost real enough to eat. A colorful child sized apron. A delicate tea set. An elegantly illustrated classic book (some are even translated into French which gets me extra excited). Super soft plush stuffed animals.

See some of my favorites below and please tell me I’m not the only one that gets nostalgic looking at these items!

sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7


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