Weekend Recap (Part 1)

This past weekend was jam packed! I was extremely lucky to have Monday off (who knew Columbus Day was even a real holiday?). Since my parents are moving in just a few short weeks, I needed to go home to clear out my remaining items from my childhood bedroom. It was certainly a walk down memory lane. I was looking through old pictures and yearbooks. Old letters and cards I had saved. Little trinkets and jewelry. I kept a good amount of stuff, but I had to toss a lot of things too. It was hard to say goodbye and it’s strange to think this chapter of my life is ending.

It’s been an amazing house for the last 14+ years, but it’s on to the next now. I know my parents will be really happy in their new place and we will all make new memories in the new house.

HouseI’m going to miss pulling up to this when I come to visit!

After saying goodbye to the house, I needed a little pick-me-up, so I decided to drag Greg to one of my favorite places, Terrain!

Terrain is a home and garden store owned and operated by the same company as Anthropologie. And seeing as Anthropologie is another one of my favorite places, it’s only natural for me to fall in love with Terrain as well.

Terrain shedI’m a tad bit obsessed with flowers and plants so browsing around the grounds and seeing all the unique ways Terrain displays their plants is really a treat. Note to self: take up gardening!

Orange pumpkins

Purple flowers

Autumn is my favorite time of year! I loved seeing all the oranges and yellows throughout the store, but these bright purple flowers were a nice surprise.

Pumpkin candyThe indoor area of Terrain is filled with all sorts of unique products for your home. They have cookbooks, plates, candles, jars, and anything else you could think of. My favorite section though is the food. Shown above is a table full of little fall treats such as pumpkin chocolates, pumpkin spice caramel sticks, pumpkin butter, and artisan smore kits. Yum.

Terrain cafeAnother great thing about Terrain is the cafe. It had a really lovely cafe and restaurant right in the store. Greg and I didn’t sit down for food this weekend, but we did stop to have some coffee and tea. He had an authentic macchiato and I had their mint tea au lait. Oh man, was that drink DELISH. Seriously it was like heaven in a cup. I have to scour the internet to find the recipe so I can make it at home it was that good.

Pumpkins in windows


I loved this window display in the cafe area. It had all different types of plants, pumpkins and gourds highlighted in the windows. Perfect for fall.

All in all it was a good day and I think even Greg enjoyed himself at Terrain (even if it is a bit girly).

Stay tuned for the rest of my weekend recap because I went berry picking!


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