Weekend Recap (Part 2)

Kinda funny how I’m finishing up my weekend recap and it’s already Thursday, right? But that’s fine with me! Means last weekend was so great I’m willing to relive it for a few days and it also means this weekend is all the closer.

After saying goodbye to my parents’ home and doing some shopping at Terrain on Saturday, Greg and I decided to go berry picking at a local orchard on Sunday. Actually we had decided to go apple picking, but by a happy mistake we pulled into the raspberry field instead. I had no idea raspberries were still in season and because they are one of my favorite foods I just knew we had to pick some.

Raspberry on bush

We were lucky enough to have a gorgeous day. I wore jeans, long sleeve tee, trench coat, and scarf and eventually had to put the coat in the car because it was much too hot!


This was the field we picked the berries. I’m not complaining about that view or those blue skies.


Part of our berry haul. These raspberries were the best I’ve ever tasted. So sweet and juicy. Warm from the sun. I think I put just as many berries in my mouth as I did the box.


Can’t you see how happy I am to be in the middle of a raspberry field?! Not only did they have raspberries in that part of the orchard, but also blackberries and concord grapes. We didn’t pick either of those to come home with us, but we did try a few straight from the plants. The grapes were the most flavorful things I’ve ever tried! I’m normally not a grape person, but these were amazing. Note to self: go back to Milburn Orchards to pick concord grapes.


After raspberry picking we of course had to check out the pumpkins.

Greg and pumpkins

Greg decided to pick up a couple of the ginormous pumpkins in the field. But in the end I settled on purchasing a few small pumpkins and gourds for the dining room table. And of course some cider doughnuts.


We never did end up picking apples that day (whoopsies, but sometimes the best things happen with a change of plans). We did spot some apple trees on our way back to the car though and I was able to snap the quintessential autumn apple-on-a-tree shot.

All in all it was an amazing day and I was able to cross something off my 101 list! If you can get out these next few weekends to an orchard I would highly recommend it.


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