Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a lot of fun. It was my anniversary with my boyfriend on Saturday so he came down to visit me in DC. 3 years together! It honestly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long which is probably a good thing! We haven’t gotten sick of each other…yet!

We spent Friday night celebrating Halloween. We went to a friend of a friend’s house for a costume party. I will freely admit I am not a huge Halloween fan so I didn’t have a proper costume prepared. I did however have a leftover reflective safety vest from my senior year of college. I slipped that on over my clothes and declared myself a crossing guard for the evening. Quick and easy costume! Very hard to take pictures in however thanks to those reflective stripes!

Saturday was spent celebrating our anniversary. Greg and I stopped by the local bakery for breakfast. He had cream cheese and lox on a bagel while I indulged in a ham and cheddar biscuit with a cappuccino. Afterward we hopped on the metro toward the American History museum! I loved seeing Dorothy’s ruby red slippers and the First Ladies’ gowns. Michele Obama’s most recent inaugural gown by Jason Wu is completely stunning in person!

Once we had our fill of history, we walked around the area for a bit just enjoying the fall air. This is my favorite time of year so I was happy to enjoy the crisp autumn air. When we needed a break from the wind, we popped into Barnes & Noble. Book stores are some of my favorite places in the world. I love browsing all the different titles, looking at the obscure magazines, and purchasing a new treasure. Greg bought me the book Shake for our anniversary. It’s a recipe book for cocktails and I’ve had it on my wishlist for a bit now. That night we made the Rosemary Maple Bourbon Sour. Too delicious!


For our anniversary dinner we went to Bistrot Du Coin in DuPont Circle. It’s a lovely little French restaurant that was totally packed when we arrived at 9pm. Greg and I split a bottle of Malbec and I ordered mussels for my entree. To die for. We also splurged on creme brulee for dessert. YUM.


Our Sunday was spent enjoying the season some more. We prepared ingredients to make French onion soup in a crockpot in the late morning. French onion soup is one of my favorite autumn/winter meals. So rich and tasty. After we picked up the soup ingredients from the store, I insisted we stop at Starbucks so I could enjoy my first gingerbread latte of the season! #redcups

Red Cup

While the soup was cooking we walked to the National Zoo to check out some animals. Since it was a cold and windy day not all the animals were outside, but we did get to see some of my favorites like the tigers, wolves, elephants, and cheetahs.

Sunday night was spent watching Divergent (good. not great) and enjoying our soup. Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!


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