Skincare Routine

I have recently gotten into a consistent skincare routine. I am very guilty of being sporadic with my skincare in the past. There have been an innumerable amount of nights I have gone to bed without washing my face. For a long time I rarely, if ever, used moisturizer. I had no idea what toner was (I’m still not really 100% sure). Bottom line: I was not very nice to my skin.

That has all changed now! I’m a whole new woman when it comes to skincare. The trick was 1) get to the point where I actually cared and 2) find a simple routine that didn’t feel overwhelming. I think I’ve found the perfect routine for me that makes my skin look great and makes me feel beautiful!

1. I always start my routine off with rinsing my face with warm water. In fact, in the mornings that’s all I do. I no longer wash my face in the mornings since at most you should be washing your face just twice a day. I give my skin a break in the morning from soap and scrubs by keeping it simple with warm water.

2. At night I remove my makeup with these Say Yes to Cucumber face wipes. They’re perfect for removing makeup and grime quickly and easily.

3. About 3 to 4 times a week I use Lush’s Ocean Salt scrub on my face. It makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and fresh and buffs away any dead skin. This scrub is also great for your hands and feet. Seriously, they make everything feel so soft!

4. For my nighttime moisturizer I use Medicine Mama’s Sweet Bee Magic. I found out about this product from Unfancy and it is so amazing! It feels a little heavy and dewy when you put it on which is why I only use it at night, but it seriously works some magic in those 8 hours. I wake up every morning with my skin feeling fresh. I’m sure it will be my secret weapon this winter when my skin really dries out.

5. In the mornings after I rinse with warm water, I dry off and apply a bit of rosewater as toner (again at the advice from Caroline from Unfancy). Rosewater is supposed to even out your skin tone and give it a bit of radiance. I’m not sure if it actually does that, but the smells is heavenly and it certainly acts as a fresh start to my day so I’m all for it!

6. The final, and most important, step in my routine is sunscreen. I am very pale and I burn so easily. My freckles really pop out in the summer and skin cancer runs in my family. For all those reasons wearing sunscreen year round is super important to me. I like this Neutrogena kind since it doesn’t feel oily or heavy.

What’s your skincare routine like? Have any miracle products you want to recommend?


3 thoughts on “Skincare Routine

  1. I love that scrub from Lush. I actually love everything from Lush. You need to try their rose body conditioner–it’s perfect for dry winter weather!!

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