25 Years Old

Hey guess what? I am 25! My birthday was last week and I am officially a quarter of a century old. Time seems to be seriously flying by. It feels like only a couple weeks ago that I turned 24. But then again so much has changed in a year. I quit my first “big girl” job. I started a new job. I moved to a new city. Moved into a house with strangers. I’m moving again in just a few weeks. Things are so different than they were a year ago, but they feel good.

I thought 25 would feel old. When I was little 25 seemed so mature. 25 was when you got married and started a family. 25 was when you had your own place or even bought a house. 25 was an adult. A grown up.

But now I am 25 and it doesn’t seem that old. I feel like a mixture between youthful and mature. I’m not as naive or crazy as I was at 21. But I’m also not mature enough to start a family. I have a better sense of who I am but there are still aspects of myself that I am exploring and coming to terms with. I have goals for my career but I still have a lot of work to reach them.

All in all though, being 25 has been pretty good so far. I have a wonderful support system of friends  and family. I’m in a city I love. I have a boyfriend who brings me more happiness than I ever thought possible. And a kitty who makes me smile everyday. I think 25 is off to a pretty damn good start!


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