It’s December!

So I’m back at it after a truly wonderful Thanksgiving break. I had 5 full days off from work which was such a treat. For the last couple years I’ve had to work the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving so having those days off and just enjoying time with friends and family was the best.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I left work at noon to drive to my parents place. It was snowing. There was a good coating of snow on the ground by the time I made it to my parents at 4pm. We still braved the weather and walked into town to celebrate my belated birthday dinner. We had my favorite apple pie for dessert (I’m not a huge fan of cake) and I enjoyed the rest of the night hanging out with my mom and drinking wine.

For Thanksgiving we went over to a family friend’s house and had Thanksgiving “dinner” at 2pm. That’s what happens when the Eagles play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving day at 4pm (heck yes the Eags beat those dirty Cowboys!). The rest of the evening was spent playing computer games with my younger brother #childatheart

Friday I was able to meet up with my 2 very best and oldest friends and their families. I haven’t seen most of them in what felt like ages so being able to chat and catch up and get enjoy each other was amazing. Also didn’t hurt that we went out to a bar afterward and just acted completely goofy. I’m talking arms flailing, legs shaking, middle of the dance floor kind of goofy. Those are the kind of people you need in your life, the people who allow you to be 100% yourself.

We also decorated for Christmas and picked out our tree. One of my favorite things to do is decorate the tree with our ornaments. It’s a trip down memory lane looking at all the old ornaments that we collected and even made over the years.

This weekend has built me up so much. I am so thankful for those closest to me. They allow me to be myself and feel entirely loved and accepted. It truly goes to show the most important thing in the world is not money, power, or material things. When it comes down to it, the most powerful force in the entire universe is love. And I found myself surrounded by an abundance of love this weekend. My gratitude and thankfulness is overflowing. Could not ask for more.


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