Christmas Traditions

If you couldn’t figure it out by now, Christmas is my favorite holiday! I just love the feeling of it all. Walking down the street in the evening takes on a whole new mood. The lights, wreaths, and ribbons make everything festive. Christmas music can be heard playing through the speakers almost anywhere you go. People tend to be in a more giving mood. The holiday season just puts a great big smile on my face!

Because of my recent move I wasn’t able to put up my decorations like I normally do (typically I’ll have my apartment decorated by the first week of November!). This year I had to cut back, but I still had a few bits and baubles here and there. One of my tried and true decorations is paper snowflakes. I am known for making tons of paper snowflakes and covering my windows with them. I’ve done this since my sophomore year of college and I have yet to stop!

Coming home for Christmas is always a wonderful feeling. My parents’ house is decorated to a T. A real pine tree stands in the living room giving off a nice scent. A fire roaring the in fireplace. Presents lined up under the tree. Sweets set out in bowls around the house. My entire family all in one place. I could not ask for more.

I love my family’s Christmas day tradition. We keep it super low-key. Seriously, we might not even get out of our pajamas all day long!  We wake up when it’s convenient for us, typically around 9am or so. We pour some coffee or mix up mimosas. We settle in the living room with blankets and take turns opening presents one by one. This process will take hours and we will take breaks to fill up our mugs or champagne flutes. But I love being able to see each present my family members receive. And the best part is seeing their reaction when they open the gifts I gave to them! I put a lot of thought into the presents I give so seeing a smile on one of their faces when they open that special surprise is amazing.

After gifts we enjoy sticky buns and strata (like in the Family Stone). We laze around most of the day enjoying our presents, relaxing and maybe watching some old home videos. Our Christmas “feast” consists of hamburgers and milkshakes! An easy, low-key dinner to top off a relaxing day.

What are your family’s Christmas traditions? Is it anything like mine?


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