Perfection. It’s a scary word. I honestly think it’s one of the worst words. There is so much weight put into that word. Perfection. It means you may never make a mistake. It means you must always do everything right. It means you must please everyone all the time. It means you must anticipate and know everything before it happens to ensure you will not fail.

Perfection is a lie.

It does not exist. Even with all your best intentions. Even if you walk on eggshells. Even if you plan and schedule your heart out. Even if you hide who you really are just to please others. You will never be perfect.

Humans are not meant to be perfect. They are meant to be fallible. They are meant to make mistakes. They are not meant to please everyone or have everyone like them. It’s impossible. So why do we try so hard to be perfect?

Perfection is something I struggle with each and everyday. I constantly want to be perfect. I never want to make a mistake or fail. So when I slip up in even a little way, I feel like a major failure. I feel as though I’m standing on a ledge by myself, with the rest of the population on solid ground. They’ve never made a mistake so they are allowed to feel secure. I, on the other hand, have made mistakes so I’m not allowed to feel safe. I’m not allowed to feel worthy. I have to stand on this precarious ledge and hope I don’t fall off into oblivion.

In order to talk myself down from that ledge I need to constantly remind myself everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. My dad isn’t perfect. My boss isn’t perfect. My coworkers. My friends. The president. My Uber driver. My boyfriend. My yoga teacher. My favorite author.

No one is perfect.

I don’t know how to stop trying to be perfect. I don’t know how to convince myself the fight for perfection isn’t worth it. All I know how to do at this point is to take a break. To breathe. When the quest for perfection becomes too much I remind myself of all the good qualities I have. All the good I have been able to do. And follow that path. Not the path to perfection, but the path to good.

Because good is better than perfection. Read that again. Good is better than perfection. Know that. Live that. I’m trying to.


2 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. Wow what a honest article is this. I love it and it is totally recognisable!! I also try to be too much now and then. You can’t be great in each aspect of your life and you can’t be perfect. But I do recognise the urge to want it. It is never wrong to be the best version of you, but it isn’t necessary to be perfect.

    1. I completely agree! Just try to be good and be the best version of yourself. That does not mean you have to be perfect. Even if you are 100% your best self, there will still be some people you will not please. Glad you can relate to my post (:

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