Breaking the Business Mold

I have a serious fascination with start-ups. I love learning about them, reading about them, seeing them grow and evolve. The idea of owning my own business has always been appealing to me. To feel the satisfaction of knowing any progress you make is thanks to your hardwork. To have the freedom to make your own decisions. To be able to take your company in the direction you want it. (Side note: those are also all the things that make owning your own company absolutely terrifying).

On top of the freedom and satisfaction entrepreneurship can give you, it allows you to blaze your own trail. When you find yourself walking through the mall or online shopping and wishing a certain store or brand existed. When you are looking for career or travel advice and long for a special website or book. When you need a certain kitchen product or tech app but cannot seem to locate the special one you need.

You can create it.

When you see a hole in the market you can step in and fill that hole. I think that’s really amazing! I love discovering innovative companies that take on a whole new side of an industry. These amazing companies range from clothing designers, to home cleaning supplies, to job advice, to charity organizations.

I hope to feature some of these great companies on my blog in the future. Especially those started or run by young people. People my age or just a bit older. Because there are so many people in their 20s and early 30s who are making huge strides in the business world. Who are changing the way the game is played. Those entrepreneurs inspire me and one day I hope to have my own company that’s as innovative and exciting as their’s!

So be on the look out for some company spotlights featured on this blog starting in 2015!


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