We All Start Somewhere

We all know that babies crawl before they walk and walk before they run. We don’t punish an infant for not being able to sprint at 6 months old. So why do we put such pressure on ourselves? To be great from the get go?

World class athletes and Olympians didn’t start out that way. They had to work for it. Marathon runners didn’t run 26.2 miles on their first go. They had to train for it. Hemingway wasn’t writing timeless novels when he was 5 years old. Greatness takes time and practice.

I know I’m guilty of not doing something because I feel I won’t be good at it. I go to the gym and feel like a failure when I can barely run one mile. I’m afraid to try rock climbing for fear I won’t be good at it. Even with this blog when I see others that have thousands of followers and beautiful layouts. I expect myself to be great or perfect on my first time, and if I’m not, then I don’t want to try at all.

What I need to remind myself is very few people are great on their first try. Everything takes time. Dedication makes you great. Practice makes you great. Persistence makes you great. Greatness really comes down to the hard work and time  you put into something.

So the next time you find yourself shying away from an activity because you’re afraid you won’t be successful at it, remind yourself the first time won’t be perfect. Your first try will most likely be a failure, but that’s okay. You need to start somewhere. With time and patience you will start to make progress. Changes will start to take shape. You will become better. And you will feel evermore accomplished knowing you started as a beginner and now you have grown so much.

Remember everyone starts at the beginning and so should you. Because your growth will feel even more powerful and meaningful.


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