Little Luxuries: Candles

A bit ago I made a post about little luxuries. Little things you can do that seem to make your day a bit more luxurious. Items that take average to glamorous. Pieces that make you smile. Allowing yourself some pampering every now and then.

I love this idea so much especially as we kickoff 2015. It’s important that we dedicate time to the person who matters most, you! It’s easy to get caught up in relationships, friends, careers, family, charities, projects, obligations. But in the mist of all of that is you. Without your peace of mind and good health you will never be able to accomplish all you desire. So set aside time for you even if it’s just a few minutes every day.

In order to help us all set aside “me time” I decided to do a small series on little luxuries highlighting the small things which help us relax and center ourselves.

peony / pumpkin pecan waffle / volcano
whipped cream and pear / winter forest

One of the simplest ways to indulge your senses is with candles. I’m obsessed with candles and currently have about 5 strewn about my small apartment. Lighting a candle can instantly transport you to a new place. Whether it’s to a fragrant field of flowers, a dense pine forest, a cozy fireplace, or to a kitchen with a fresh baked pie. I love trying out new scents and I use the scents to enhance my mood. Fall is my favorite time of year so I always stock up on pumpkin and cinnamon scents. Around Christmas I like to burn candles that smell of pine. Summertime is for something a bit more fruity and tropical (maybe a hint of coconut). In the doldrums of winter I like to pick up a lighter, more floral scent to remind me spring is on it’s way.

A great way to enjoy candles to is to light a few around a room, curl up under a blanket, perhaps with a cup of tea, and read a great book.

What are your favorite candles? Let me know and I’ll have to check them out.


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