Dreaming of Spring

Okay, okay I know it’s only January 7th, but I can’t help myself! Once the holidays are over I am d-o-n-e with winter. Winter has always been my least favorite season. The first few snows are beautiful and magical. But once it starts snowing once or twice a week (I’m looking at you last winter) then I’m totally over the freezing temperatures.

Peony Vase

Please, bring on the flowers! I’m in some serious need of florals around here. That’s what spring is to me. Flowers, gardens, green leaves and lush lawns. Days spent strolling outside. Fresh scents perfuming the air. Picnics in the park. Time spent enjoying the fresh air. Open windows letting in light spring breezes. Ahhh, springtime is my dream.

Purple Tree

I am determined to grow plants this year. I have a balcony which has plenty of room for a few pots. I want to try my hand at some herbs (perhaps basil and mint), a flower or two, and maybe even a lemon or kumquat tree!

Girl Holding Flowers

I will be the happiest girl in the world once the weather starts to warm up again and the flowers begin to bloom. Until then though (since I know I have months to wait) I will just sustain myself by looking at all the gorgeous gardens and flowers I find on Pinterest.

Flower Field
Lilac Bouquet
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Are you excited for spring? What’s your favorite and/or least favorite seasons?


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