Favorite Comfort Movies

Does anyone else have comfort movies? Movies you can just throw on at any time and be totally down to watch? The movies you keep coming back to time and again? I certainly have those comfort movies. I love to watch them after a long day of work just to relax. Or on a quite Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea.


1. Elizabethtown

This movie came around the time when I was in love with Orlando Bloom which is half the reason why I saw the movie in theatres. But I’m so glad I did! This movie is charming and quirky. Orlando Bloom plays Drew who was recently laid off and finds out his father has passed away. He travels to Elizabethtown, Kentucky to handle the funeral arrangements. Along the way Drew meets Claire who shows him the beauty in life again. Some of my favorite scenes are the all night phone conversations, their day spent in the graveyard, and the roadtrip at the end of the movie.

Family Stone

2. The Family Stone

My family watches this movie every year around Christmas. I could honestly watch it all year round! The quirky Stone family spends every Christmas together and this year the oldest sibling Everett brings home his uptight girlfriend Meredith (played by Sarah Jessica Parker). It’s a wonderful film about family and love and learning how to love yourself with all your imperfections.

Mean Girls

3. Mean Girls

Best. Movie. Of. All. Time. I can watch this over and over without it ever getting old. And so many quotes. I think I could strictly speak in Mean Girl quotes for the rest of my life and be just fine. This is Lindsay Lohan in her prime for sure.


4. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

My freshman college roommate and I attempted to watch this movie almost every night yet we always fell asleep before we ever finished it. I loved these books growing up and 2 of my friends and I even attempted our own “Sisterhood” with a bracelet (the bracelet was lost in the mail the first time we tried to send it anywhere #win). Needless to say this movie shot quickly to the top of my classics. Plus the girls friendship touches my heart every time.


5. Roman Holiday

I simply love Audrey Hepburn and this is my favorite of her movies. She plays Princess Ann so well with the needed poise and innocence when called for. One of my favorite scenes is when she cuts her hair, has ice cream and hangs around on the Spanish steps and of course when she sees Gregory Peck again at the end of the movie. Swoon.

What are your comfort movies?

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