Random Interests

I have plenty of random interests. I can spend a lot of my free time looking up information and doing research on a myriad of topics. I was a history major in college so of course I’m very interested in historical events and stories. But beyond the obvious my interests are wide and varied.

native american

  • Native American culture. I took a couple classes in college about Native Americans and their histories. Each fact and story I learned only expanded my complete awe and respect for the varying tribes and cultures of the Native American community. I am by no means an expert and I still have a lot to learn about the traditions, legacies, and tragedies the Native Americans have had to face. But I look forward to delving further into my understanding.


  • Hawaii. Similarly to Native Americans, I also wrote a number of papers on the Kingdom of Hawaii while I was in college. I found the entire history of the country fascinating. And the events that lead to Hawaii becoming a state were interesting and shady at the same time. Native Hawaiian culture has a rich history. I particularly love the Hawaiian language. I love how unique it is because it only has 13 letters (one of which is a glottal stop, a letter not included in our own alphabet). The Hawaii in Flight exhibit at the Air and Space Museum is my favorite right now!


  • Honeybees. I’ve mentioned this interest before in an older post. Bees and honey are truly fascinating to me. How bees interact as a hive (they are so interconnected some say the bee colony should actually be considered an organism itself). How honey is made. The current honeybee crisis. I could learn about bees all day long. One day I might even try raising my own hive!


  • The universe and space. The universe is. so. cool! I seriously can’t get enough. I love watching Neil DeGrasse Tyson videos on youtube. The Cosmos and Through the Wormhole are some of my favorite shows. Interstellar blew my mind. I wish I took more science classes in school just so I could learn more about spacetime and blackholes. I wish I was insanely smart so I could actually fully understand all the theories proposed by scientists about the universe. Space is amazing.


  • Surfing. I really have no idea where this stemmed from, maybe from my interest in Hawaii? Maybe because the locations surfers spend a lot of their time are gorgeous? Maybe from my love the for Disney Channel Original Movie Rip Girls? I’m really not sure but I sure do love it! Watching the competitions online. Enjoying surfing documentaries and videos. It seems to put me at peace.

So anyone else have random interests that are a little out of the ordinary?

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