Well this was my second full week back at work after the holidays and guess what? I have off this coming Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Woot woot. I am planning to enjoy my long weekend by spending time with my boyfriend, seeing friends, and maybe checking off one or two things from my 101 list (outdoor ice skating anyone?). I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Currently I am…

searching for a tortoiseshell iphone case. J.Crew had one of these awhile back but I can’t seem to find it on their site anymore. I think a tortoiseshell case looks very sleek so I really want to find a stylish yet durable one. Any suggestions?

eating Kind bars. Why have I never tried these before?! I just bought a few on sale this week and they are my new favorite snack! Perfect pick-me-up for my 3pm slump.

lusting after this, this and this art print. Way too cute. Need to get started on my gallery wall ASAP.

listening to Ella Henderson’s album Chapter One. I loved her song Ghost for a long time now and I’ve been eagerly anticipating her US album release. Other stand out tracks besides Ghost are Pieces and Mirror Man. Give it a listen this weekend.

using the Way of Life app. Ever heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit? Well there are a few daily habits I want to pick up (like flossing and reading) and this app is perfect for keeping track of your progress. You can view your trends via bar or pie charts and make notes on why you didn’t reach your goals. Time to get serious about those new year resolutions!


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