Little Luxuries: S’mores

I had incredible 3-day weekend spent with good friends. My boyfriend came down for a visit which is always amazing. Also my best friend from college was in DC visiting her sister so I was able to hang out with the 2 of them as well. Brunch was eaten, movies were watched (American Sniper is an awe-inspiring film, must see!), pandas were photographed at the zoo, and a good time was had by all. I even made some headway on transferring my files from my old laptop to my Mac (on my 101 list!). I hope you all also had an enjoyable weekend.

Something that was not included in this weekend but would have fit in quite nicely is s’mores! S’mores seem to be making somewhat of a comeback. S’mores used to be those special treats you made as a kid when your family went camping or there was a firepit in the backyard. Occasionally my family would make s’mores in the fireplace or over the grill when we were little. Lately I’ve seen a resurgence in s’mores. More and more restaurants offer make your own s’mores (Cosi being one of them). I mentioned previously that Greg and I went to Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar in Bethesda and made our own s’mores. Included with the s’more platter was peanut butter. Oh. My. Gosh. Why did I not think to add peanut butter to s’mores before? Seriously elevated the dessert to a whole new place.

Design Sponge posted a recipe for chai tea s’mores. The Kitchn has 12 different s’more variations including a salty caramel bacon variety! Terrain sells the above artisan s’more kit (they even had a peppermint version around the holidays!).  It certainly seems as though s’mores are becoming en vogue.

The entire process of s’mores makes them a special and inviting experience. Fire must be involved instantly making for a cozy atmosphere. Time and care need to be taken to create the perfectly roasted marshmallow. Creating the perfect ratio of ingredients is an art. Indulging in the treats is messy allowing for teasing and jokes all around.

If you can try to relive your childhood a bit and make some s’mores soon. I can guarantee you will not regret it.


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