How To Turn It All Around

Happy Monday everyone! This morning I came across this post from Alexandra Frazen. In it she talks about how “today isn’t over yet.” This post really spoke to me. It’s easy to get caught up. To make a misstep here and there and then want to throw it all away.  To wake up late and miss our morning workout so instead we vow to start tomorrow. To eat poptarts for breakfast and write off the rest of the day as a cheat day. To forget to schedule a blog post so we say we’ll post one tomorrow instead.

It is so easy to push things off, especially when we believe we’ve started off on the wrong foot. I’m guilty of this. Completely guilty. There have been so many times where I decide to pick up ice cream from the supermarket since I already had a “bad” lunch. Why not just make it a bad day? Or waiting to pursue my goals til next week, or month, or even year. Because if I wait I’ll have a fresh start. I’ll be better. I won’t start off with a slip-up.

But what Alexandra points out so clearly is that today is not over yet. Why start tomorrow what you can begin right now. You can so easily turn around your day and make it into something great. It doesn’t matter if it’s 9pm or 9am. Be the person you want to be right now. Make the change this instant. It’s okay if you watched 5 hours of Gilmore Girls instead of cleaning your apartment (ehem, not speaking from experience or anything). Because at this moment you can turn off that tv, pull out the Windex and get to work.

I need to keep this in mind when I want to procrastinate. When I feel like I want to start fresh tomorrow. Starting fresh doesn’t have to wait until tomorrow. It can begin right now.


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