How Do You Know When You’ve Made It?

I’ve read a few articles lately that have asked the question: how do you know when you’ve made it? I’ve seen the question mostly posed to powerful females; actresses, entrepreneurs, designers, etc. The most common answer I have seen is that they never want to know when they’ve made it. They always want to keep pushing and striving and working for more.

On the surface this seems great. Challenging yourself is important! You shouldn’t settle. You should always want to be better. But when I thought about the sentiments more I had another thought: when are we ever satisfied?

Of course we have all these dreams and ambitions for ourselves, but when we reach those goals, we just make new ones. We never get to the finish line because we continually push the finish line further and further back. How often do we celebrate achieving our goals before we start chasing after the next set of objectives?

I think it’s important to acknowledge and really savor when we’ve hit a milestone. When you finally land that dream job. Savor it. When you buy your first home. Savor it. When you start a family. Savor it. When you somehow find yourself working at a job you love, in a house of your own, with an adoring family all around you. Savor it all. 

I hope I am able to get to a place where I can say “this feels good.” I want to be able to acknowledge the happiness I have built, the life I have built. To look back on all my accomplishments and really feel good about them. To sit in my living room with my future children and soak in everything in my life that is good. And know in that moment I have, indeed, made it.


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