Ever Get Down on the World?

Is it just me? Am I the only one who really gets down on the world? Seriously, I read the news, watch documentaries, read books and articles and they all just hit me really hard. This world is an awful place. Humans kill other humans daily. Defenseless animals are slaughtered. People are vicious and cruel to the their peers via social media. The environment is being destroyed. Individuals across the globe are going hungry. Corporations use their billions to influence government in ways that aid big business and hurt nearly everyone else. Racism. Bigotry. Homophobia. Sexism. Cruelty. Hatred.

I get so sad when I hear and read about all these things. I feel helpless and hopeless. In a world so full of bad, how can the small amount of good I see ever be enough? There are days (my crazy days for sure!) that I just want to go live on a commune somewhere and forget the rest of the world even exists. Because it is so hard to reconcile my feelings towards this planet and the humans living on it. I want to do everything and anything. I want to conquer all the world’s problem. I want to fix them all! I want to fill the world with love and light and happiness. But I get so bogged down thinking about all the problems I see. How can all of them be fixed? How can any be fixed when humans are so polarized? When we cannot seem to agree on even the little things. When we conflate ideas in our heads and somehow we end up believing we are better than anyone else? How can I show every individual on this planet that there is nothing different about any of us? We are all the same. We all come from one. We are all part of this planet and this universe.

I struggle with these ideas a lot lately. I try to stay positive. I try to move forward. I try to spread happiness and joy. But even that can be a burden to bear some times. It takes real conscious effort to spread joy to other people. To be the best you can possibly be everyday. To give and not expect anything in return.

I am trying to work on this. To spread happiness and change the world a small bit at a time. I know I cannot tackle every issue in the world. All I can do is try to touch the people I see everyday. To make small differences and hope those things cause a chain reaction.

How do you try to change the world? What change do you want to see and how do you create them? I could really use some guidance!


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