Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. You either love it or hate it. I happen to be in the love it category. I’ve loved it even when I was not in a relationship (which was the first 21 years of my life). Some people hate Valentine’s day because they think it’s a holiday that can only be celebrated by people in relationships. I would say that is complete nonsense.

Valentine's Day

I remember one year I was in middle school and I spent an entire snow day creating homemade Valentine cards. Mind you, in middle school we did not exchange cards with the class anymore so I was creating these cards for no reason in particular. I just loved cutting out the hearts, using the pink, red and white paper, creating different festive designs. Growing up we also had an I Spy book that I studied regularly. One of the pages I loved was a Valentine’s day setting with cards, candies, and decorations all over the place. Even in college I created some Valentine’s day decorations for my dorm room including a paper heart chain. I did all of these things without a man in sight.

I think part of the reason I love Valentine’s Day so much is because it feels festive. The excitement around Thanksgiving and Christmas is so much fun! And then the new year hits and everything just drops off. The slump of winter comes in full force and everyone seems down in the dumps. Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to help turn that all around. It hints just a bit at spring with all the flowers and bright colors strewn around. You can indulge in sweet treats and decadent dinners. Cute cards and mementos are exchanged between friends, family, and lovers. Roses are great, but I really love all the great wildflower bouquets available right now as well. Plus I will begrudgingly admit that pink is my favorite color.

So if you are an anti-Valentine’s Day person, try to change your tune. Don’t think of it as a holiday for couples, instead think of it as a pre-party for spring! Hang garlands and streamers. Enjoy fresh flowers all over your home. Make a sweet berry pastry. And just choose to love not only yourself but the moment you are in right now. Pull yourself out of your winter blues and choose happiness, light, and love! Because that’s what we should be doing everyday, but since that can be hard to do, let’s make that the goal of this Valentine’s Day!


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