Treat Yo Self

Last week I followed in the wise footsteps of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle.


That’s right, I treated myself.

After a very stressful past month and a half, I was feeling out of sorts. I was having trouble trying to find my way back to equilibrium (and honestly I’m still trying to get back there). Although a large portion of my anxiety had subsided, there was still that underlying feeling of uneasiness and anxiousness. I didn’t know quite how to shake it. That’s when I decided it was time for some self-care.

I am pretty careful with my money and I do not tend to spend frivolously. I carefully budget my spending each month and I very rarely go over my limits. I am certainly not a hermit and I go out to eat or get drinks with friends. But beyond that, my “fun” spending it pretty limited.

My “treat yo self” week started off with a huge purchase. My dear friend is currently living in Paris. Back in the fall, our other mutual friend mentioned to me a possible trip to Paris to go visit her this summer. At first I brushed it off. “I can’t spring for that kind of trip. I need more time to save and prepare. It’s just not something I can afford right now.” But after the events of the last month, a few of my other vacation plans fell through and soon the idea of a European vacation seemed extremely appealing. After a few discussions and some planning, I decided that a trip to Europe was exactly what I needed! And so my week of “treat yo self” started off with the purchase of plane tickets to Paris and Santorini this July!

My week continued with an unexpected weekday visit from my boyfriend on Wednesday. Since we live 2+ hours apart we typically do not see each other during the week so Wednesday was a nice surprise. He met me for lunch on my break and then stayed the night at my apartment. We made a delicious dinner and watched Netflix. Even simple things like feel like I’m treating myself when I get to spend them with the person I love!

Friday evening came and I stopped at Whole Foods after work to pick up ingredients for dinner. I am obsessed with Whole Foods, but I typically do not shop there since it’s so expensive. I made myself a gourmet pizza with goat cheese, red onions, apples, thyme, and arugula on top. I had some wine and went to bed early and enjoyed a full 8 hours of quality sleep.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetPink house with ivy. Georgetown is wonderful.

Saturday was my big self-care day (Self-Care Saturdays should absolutely be a thing). I woke up early, made myself a healthy breakfast. I drove into Georgetown, one of my favorite places in the city! Although it was cold, it was a sunny day and I enjoyed just seeing all the beautiful buildings and homes. I bought a new dress from Madewell (on sale!). I also stopped into Lush and picked up the Fly Fox shower gel and the Brazened Honey fresh face mask. After enjoying one of the best cappuccinos I’ve ever had from Dolcezza, I made my way back to my apartment where I applied my new face mask and enjoyed a relaxing hot shower. After a quick nap, I met friends out for dinner and drinks.

I cannot say how much the last week truly lifted my spirits and put me in a better state of mind. Besides the plane tickets, all of my actions seem simple and small. A new shower gel. A cappuccino. A night of Netflix. A gourmet pizza. But to me they add up to truly taking care of my soul. Those small moments feed my joy. They make the light inside of me grow. They help to bring me back into balance.

Self-care is something we often forget about. We get wrapped up in careers, families, friends, obligations, that we forget about truly taking care of ourselves. We forget to feed our joy. We forget to create happiness within ourselves. When we do take the time to pamper ourselves, even in small ways, we are more able and energized to help those around us.

So take some time for yourself. If you’re feeling bold, make self-care Saturdays a weekly routine! You deserve to put yourself first every once in awhile.


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