My Ideal Day

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who does this, but I often imagine my ideal day. I’ve done this ever since middle school. When I’m laying in bed and can’t seem to turn my mind off to go to sleep, I start to create my ideal day in my head. A day just so perfect and serene it calms me down, quiets my mind, and helps me fall asleep.

hot air balloons

Of course my ideal day has changed from middle school to now (I used to imagine going on a very sophisticated dinner date with my crush where we would eat spaghetti and kiss a la Lady and the Tramp). Even day to day or season to season my ideal changes. Some ideal days are more fantastic (wake up in my flat in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower). Some ideal days are much more realistic (waking up to my cat and boyfriend and a delicious latte). But every ideal day is something I dream about and know would just completely fill me up with joy and gratitude.

One of my more recent (and more realistic) ideals days has been this: wake up in the apartment my boyfriend and I share. Have my little kitty by my side and cuddle with my two favorite boys for awhile. Make ourselves a delicious and nutritious breakfast of perhaps an omelette with some fruit and a cappuccino. Then it’s off to spend the day in the gorgeous weather – because of course of my ideal day the weather would be sunny, 75, and just a slight breeze. A beautiful hike through the local national park would be in order. Hopefully we could spot some little critters like rabbits, birds, and deer. We would then stop by the local farmer’s market to pick up supplies for that night’s dinner. Maybe grab some local honey or special jam. Time to relax at a bar with a fabulous outdoor rooftop, the perfect place for sipping on a refreshing cocktail in the afternoon. An exciting dinner would be made by trying out a new recipe. The evening would be capped off with some snuggling, a glass of wine, and a good TV show (Game of Thrones anyone?).

I don’t really know why imagining days like this soothes me so much. Perhaps it’s the tranquility in the entire scenario. It’s peaceful and happy. And by imagining such peaceful, happy days I am able to calm my own racing mind.

Do you have an ideal day scenario? Tell me about it!