Paris Is Always a Good Idea

I’m back! Actually I’ve been back in the States for about a week now. But it took me this long to get over my jetlag and get back into a normal routine. I can’t believe I was in Europe just a week ago! It was an amazing vacation that I will never forget. I went with two of my best friends from college, Laura and Bri. Laura has been living in Paris since November working as a nanny so Bri and I decided to capitalize on the fact that we have a friend living in Europe and have our own Euro trip.

View from Airbnb

I arrived in Paris around 9:30am on Saturday morning after an overnight flight. With very little sleep I went to meet Laura at our Airbnb. It was located in the Republique area, a bit north of le Marais. Above is the view from our apartment window, so Parisian!

Notre Dame

After dropping my things off at the apartment, Laura and I decided to walk around the area. We walked through le Marais with all it’s amazing architecture. We stopped by falafel alley for a late lunch. After falafel we walked by Hotel de Ville and Notre Dame. I kind of had to pinch myself to really believe I was back in Paris!

Hotel de Ville
Hotel de Ville

After Notre Dame it was time for a stop at Berthillon, the famous ice cream shop. The ice cream there did not disappoint! I chose two flavors fraise de bois et vanille (wild strawberry and vanilla). Some of the best ice cream hands down. We ended the night with a dinner of brie and baguette and drinks around the Moulin Rouge.

Our second day entailed us picking up Bri from the train station. The three of us united in Europe finally! We took the day to walk from the Arc de Triomphe, down the Champs Elysees, through the Tuileries garden and finally ending at the Louvre. All of that is a straight shot and since it wasn’t too hot that day it was the perfect activity. We stopped off to taste test the famous Laduree macarons!

At night we went into Montmartre to a bar called La Famille. It had the craziest mojitos! I had a fraise et banane (strawberry and banana) mojito. They used dry ice to freeze the mojito so you had to break through a layer of ice to actually reach the drink! They also put a mousse of strawberry and banana on top of the ice. They topped it off with a little cup full of candy.

The third day entailed going back to Montmartre for the amazing views by Sacre Coeur. Since Montmartre is on a hill you can see all of Paris from there. We explored more of Montmartre before heading back into the city to peruse Printemps and Galleries Lafayette, both huge department stores. The view from the top of Printemps was equally stunning!

Eiffel Tower just before sunset
Eiffel Tower just before sunset

That night was reserved for the Eiffel Tower. Every night at the top of every hour after it gets dark, the Eiffel Tower has a light show. It twinkles and sparkles for about 10 minutes and everyone is just in awe. We brought wine, baguette, cheese, and fruit with us to picnic now while we staked out a perfect spot to watch the show. I may have gotten a little teary eyed viewing it, shhh…

Our last day in Paris was more relaxed, we didn’t have much of an itinerary. We went to the Jardin du Luxembourg and walked around there for awhile. We stopped to get some sandwiches, sat around in the garden, and then headed back to the apartment to get ready for the next leg of our journey, GREECE.

That’s my little Paris recap for now. I’ll post about our time in Greece next. I’m also planning a post of top things to do in each location.


Hitting Reset

Have you ever felt like you just need a restart? That you’ve been in a funk, just kind of going through the motions? You want to make some changes. You want to get out of your rut. But in order to do so you feel like you need to hit reset? Just a period of time to completely break away from the day to day. A time of change. Of new experiences. Of self reflection. Of love.

These reset periods can be big or small. You could need a reset just for an afternoon. You go to a museum you’ve never been to before and treat yourself to a delicious dinner. You could have a reset weekend. Take a small roadtrip to a town nearby and stay in a B&B. You could need a big reset. Quit your job, pick up your life, and move to a totally different country kind of reset.

I’m in need of a reset. I don’t need an entire life reset, but I need more than just an afternoon. Fortunately for me I leave for Europe tomorrow evening! I’ll be there for 10 days visiting both Paris and Santorini with two of my absolute best friends in the entire world. I think it is exactly the kind of reset I’m looking for.

I’m hoping this trip renews me. I hope it allows me to start fresh on the other side. To help give me a new passion and drive to make some real changes in my life. I moved to DC almost exactly a year ago (I think I moved into my house on July 7th). In this past year so much has changed. My old job and old life in Philly is fading further into the background. I am growing and learning. I am exploring more and more of my new city. I am doing things I am uncomfortable with and getting outside of my safe zone. There have also been challenges. One of the most trying and anxious periods of my life occurred in this past year. I am still trying to make friends and find my group. I am still learning how to take care of myself and treat my body right.

I’m so happy I moved to DC. It’s a wonderful city and I feel like this is where I belong right now. But I also know I still need to make some changes. I need to change my path ever so slightly so it starts aligning more with what I expect of myself and my future. But in order to truly get to that point, I need a reset.

So tomorrow I leave for Europe for 10 days. When I return to the States I also hope to return to this blog more regularly. It will be time to tackle personal and professional goals. It will be time to make some long time coming changes. It will be time to restart and head down the path as I see it.

Until then!