The Magic of Santorini

Following our four days spent in Paris, my two best friends and I jetted off to Santorini, Greece. I had never been to Greece before, but let me tell you it is my new favorite place in the world. The entire place was magical. Everywhere you looked was just gorgeous view after gorgeous view. I truly felt like I was in a picture.

Fira, Santorini

We had a a flight from Paris to Athens and then an overnight layover in the Athens airport before our 5:15am flight to Santorini. Trying to sleep in the Athens airport was… interesting. Let’s just say some interesting sleeping positions were attempted (cough sleeping on a table cough). So after basically no sleep we arrived in Santorini around 6:30am. Our hotel (Hotel San Giorgio) very kindly picked us up from the airport that early and we quickly went to the pool to take a nap on the lounge chairs until the front desk opened at 9am. After checking in at the front desk, cleaning up a bit in the bathroom and changing clothes, we decided to head into the main part of Fira to explore. There are a lot of little pathways that hold shops, restaurants, bars, cafes, and stores. So many places to see! After talking to a woman at a local clothing store we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch. We had a Greek salad and mezze platter to share. Wow! What amazing food and with a great view!

After lunch we finally were able to get into our room at the hotel. We changed into bathing suits and took a bus to the Red Beach. The Reach Beach is a beach completely surrounded by cliffs. Because of the volcanic activity the cliffs are tinted a deep red. In order to get to the beach you need to hike around some of the cliff. It was an amazing view. Plus the water was the perfect temperature. Not too cold but still refreshing. They also had lounge chairs there that you could rent for a few euros.

The Red Beach
The Red Beach

After a nap on the beach we made our way back to Fira to shower and have gyros for dinner. Lucky’s Souvlaki is the best place to get gyros! So delicious and they even put French fries on them. For just 2 euros you get a super filling and amazing meal.

First gyro in Greece
First gyro in Greece

The next morning we decided to do the hike from Fira to Oia. I think this was my favorite part of the trip! It took us about 3 hours from start to finish and there were definitely some harder parts to the trail. But the views, oh the views were so worth it. Every 10 minutes or so we just had to stop to take another picture.

Finally we made it to Oia. We walked around the town for a little before settling on a place for lunch. We indulged in tzatziki with bread, prawns, Greek salad, and octopus. We sat on the roof deck so we had more amazing views to enjoy. After we stuffed ourselves silly we took the bus back to Fira to change and get ready for the night.

It was Laura’s birthday that day and her one wish was to get dinner in Oia to see the sunset. We hopped on another bus and were able to pick out the perfect restaurant to view the sunset. It was an experience I’ll never forget. To see that bright firey ball fall beneath the waves was amazing.

Sunset in Oia
Sunset in Oia

My third and final day in Santorini started off with a boat tour. We sailed to the natural hot springs as well as the active volcano by the island. The hot springs felt like bath water. I could have floated there all day! And hiking the volcano was really cool. We didn’t see any lava, but we could see steam and feel the heat rising from the ground.

After our boat tour we took another trip into Oia. It is such a picturesque town we couldn’t stay away. We popped into different stores and shops. We all ended up making a few purchases including some jewelry and paintings.

Before dinner we tried to find the spot where everyone cliff jumps into the water by Amoudi Bay. But since it was later in the day no one was really around so we decided to skip it. We stopped at Taverna Katina for the freshest seafood around. More Greek salads all around and calamari and octopus. The octopus was one of the best meals I’ve ever had!

Octopus for dinner
Octopus for dinner

The next morning I took a flight back to Paris to start my long journey back to the States. It truly was a trip I will never forget.


8 thoughts on “The Magic of Santorini

  1. Santorini is top of my list of places to visit. It looks beautiful! The sky and water are unreal shades of blue… glad you had a great time 🙂

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