5 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

I’m not always the perfect sleeper. I tend to toss and turn a lot in bed. I wake up at least once most nights. It takes me awhile for me to drift off. It can be frustrating especially since I can really feel it the next day when I don’t get a full 8 hours.
Because of my bad sleeping habit, I’ve picked up some tips and tricks on how to get a better night sleep. Some of these I discovered for myself. Others I found out through some internet browsing. If you also have trouble sleeping try out one or all of these tricks to see what works for you!
  1. Turn off electronics. I’m the worst with this but I do try to turn off my computer and TV at least an hour before bed. We’ve all heard how the light from our devices tricks our brains into thinking it still needs to be awake. It takes discipline and practice but when I do follow this rule I find I fall asleep quicker. If you are really struggling to turn off your computer, you can try downloading the flux app. It reduces the blue light from your computer so your brain isn’t as stimulated before bed.
  2. Get into a routine. After turning off your electronics set up a bedtime routine. Maybe that means you make yourself a cup of tea and read a book. Maybe that means you light a candle and listen to soothing music. Maybe you take a bubble bath. Whatever it is by following the same routine every night it cues your brain that sleep is coming.
  3. Stretching, yoga, or meditation. I like to incorporate some light stretching into my routine before bed. Just 5 to 10 minutes worth. It calms my mind and allows my body to relax. I know there are also yoga routines designed specifically to help ready the body for sleep. Another option is meditation or mindful breathing. There are a ton of apps out there to help you with this. One of my favorites is Calm. Again just 5 to 10 minutes is enough to get your mind into a relaxed state.
  4. Listen to soothing music or binaural tones. I have a playlist on my Spotify of soft music that’s perfect before bed. I also like to listen to nature sounds (like rain on a tarp or a fire crackling). I recently discovered binaural tones. They way they work are the tones are supposed to stimulate your brain into creating the brain waves that match sleep. It’s not scientifically proven these tones work but I’ve found they help me personally.
  5. If you can’t sleep get up. This may seem counterintuitive but if you wake up in the middle of the night and don’t fall back asleep after 15 minutes get out of bed. It will only frustrate you that you’re not falling back asleep (anyone count the hours till morning? “If I fall asleep right now I’ll get 4 hours of sleep.” So annoying). Getting up and do something relaxing. Make a cup of tea and sit on your couch with a book. Soon you’ll be feeling sleepy again and will be able to get back into bed.

Let me know if you have any other tips for a peaceful night of sleep. I could definitely use them!


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