Finding My Style

Slowly but surely I’m figuring out how to dress myself. Clearly I know how to tie my shoes and button up my shirt, but I’ve semi-struggled with finding my personal style. What I feel comfortable in. What flatters me. What looks polished and put together.

Outfit 7

I’m not a shopper really. I have to be in a specific mood to try on clothes. For awhile that meant when I was in a shopping mood I would end up buying whatever fit. Regardless of if I really liked the piece or not, I just felt like I had to buy it because when would I got shopping again? Because of my lack of desire to shop, my closet has never been too full, but it was also a mishmash of items that didn’t really work well together.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been trying to pare down my wardrobe into something I truly love. It’s taken some time but I think I’ve come to develop a style. I realized I’m not a fan of oranges or yellows. I’m not big on reds either – they’re okay for a pop of color, but that’s about all I’m comfortable with. I’m really drawn to neutrals like black, white and gray. Blue and green are great too. Stripes are a win in my book and so are plaid shirts, but most other patterns are off the table. I like something that’s a combo between preppy, classic, and girly.

Pinterest has become my go-to place for inspiration. It’s easy to look at my style board and see all the similarities between the outfits I pinned and what clearly draws my eye.

Now that I have my style identified I’ve made a list of staples/pieces I want to invest in to make my wardrobe something I love:

  • navy blue or black blazer
  • jean jacket
  • leopard print clutch
  • black riding boots
  • plaid blanket scarf
  • navy blue or black peacoat

Do you have any items you would like to add to your wardrobe?


2 thoughts on “Finding My Style

  1. Hahaha what a fun article, it’s exactly how I would describe myself. I sadly haven’t found my style yet, but I am also slowly developing it. The only two things I wouldn’t add to my wardrobe are the clutch and the riding boots, other than that everything is a great choice!

  2. You’re definitely taking the right steps to narrowing down your style, Pinterest is such a great resource for doing that. The main thing I’m dying to add to my wardrobe is a classic Burberry trench. One day!

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