The Tiny Canal Cottage

So I came across this article from One Kings Lane back in February or March of 2015. I was immediately enamored with this little cottage. So sweet, so perfect. I sent the article to my best friend. I showed it to my family. I just couldn’t stop gushing about how perfect this little home seemed to be.

TCC living room 2

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. Although I had long lost the link to the One Kings Lane article, I still remembered the little cottage that captivated my attention. On a whim I decided to google “tiny cottage” and by the magic of the internet I discovered the tiny canal cottage again!

TCC kitchen

Little did I know however that there was not just one article about this picturesque home, but many articles about it! In fact the tiny canal cottage has it’s own website! I could not have been happier to be able to explore this adorable home further.

TCC desk

Whitney Leigh Morris lives in the cottage with her fiance and 2 dogs. I love Whitney’s philosophy about her home: only what’s necessary. Because the cottage is so small (less than 400 square feet), she understands she must only keep the necessities. Nothing enters her home unless it serves a purpose. And in Whitney’s own words she describes her home as “Natural. Practical. Functional. Simple. Mindful.”

TCC bedroom door

My favorite part about the home is how it seamlessly blends the indoors with the outdoors. All throughout the home are vases and bottles full of blooms and greenery. Their little garden simply took my breathe away! All of the plants, herbs, and flowers are beautiful. The way they treat their patio as another living space is 100% a dream of mine. I’ve even been inspired to start transforming my own apartment balcony to match the feel of the tiny canal cottage’s outdoor space.

TCC outdoorsTCC outdoor benchTCC outdoor table

Do you like the tiny canal cottage as much as I do? Do you think you could live in such a small space?

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